How Do Points Work on Weight Watchers? {Plus Answers to Your FAQ About Points!}

How Do Points Work on Weight Watchers?

When you first start Weight Watchers, there can be a lot of questions that come up as you are learning the program. You are learning to understand how points work, how to stick to your daily points, how to make better food choices for yourself, and many other things. Weight Watchers is NOT a diet, but a lifestyle and that's why it works for me. It is not about giving up all of the “bad” things, but about learning portion control and moderation. In this post, we are going to go over different types of points that are in the Weight Watchers Freestyle Program as well as some of the Frequently Asked Questions that you have about the different points!

Daily Points:
Your Daily Points are the number of points that you have each day to count for your food. When you sign up for Weight Watchers, you will be given your Daily Points amount. The number of points that you have will depend on factors such as your height, weight, goal weight, activity level, and others. Be aware that as you weigh in and you start dropping pounds, your points will go down!

Weekly Points:
Your Weekly Points are a separate allowance of points from your Daily Points. These points can be used a few each day, all in one day, or not at all. Many people like to use a few points each day and some like to save them for the weekend when they are out with family or friends as a splurge.

FitPoints are points that you earn for an activity. You can earn them from working out in the gym, taking the dogs for a walk, or chasing your toddler around the house. It is your choice if you want to use these for food or not.

Rollover Points: 
On any day that you do not eat all of your points for the day, you can roll over up to four points each day. They will roll over into your weekly points for that week.

Point Swapping:
With Weight Watchers, you have the ability to swap points if you wish. On your settings, you can decide if you want to be able to swap points or not. You can decide between using your FitPoints first OR using your Weekly Points first.

FAQ About Points:

What happens if I go over my daily points?
– If you go over your daily points, points will automatically be deducted from your weekly points.

When do my weekly points reset?
– Your weekly points will reset on the day that you have your weekly weigh-in. If you are finding that your points do not reset with your weekly weigh-in, visit your profile and change your weigh-in day.

How do I find out the point values for foods?
– You can find out the point values for the food by using the scanner in the app or looking up the item in the Weight Watchers app.

What is the blue dot for in my Weight Watchers app?
– You will have a blue dot over your points for the day when you are within a healthy range of points for the day. A healthy range of points is when you are within 10 below your total daily points and 5 over your total daily points.

Do I have to eat all of my points each day?
– No! You are not required to eat all of your points per day. With so many 0-Point Foods now, you will more than likely end up with points left on some or most days. If you use all of your points, that is totally fine too!

Should I use my weekly points?
– This is honestly going to be different for every single person. If you are NOT using your weekly points and your weight loss has stalled, start using some of them for a few weeks and see how things go. If you are using all of your weekly points and your weight loss has stalled, you should try for a few weeks not using them and see how it goes. Weight Watchers is all about using the program to find what works best for YOU!

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